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February 1988: "The Phantom: Meet Him in St. Louis" by Peter Filichia
TheatreWeek (US). A short article, possibly the end or just a section of a larger one - but interesting. Talks about The Phantom mostly and also The Phantom's mask used in this American premiere in some detail. Thanks to Sal Mistretta for sending this.

July 1988: "A 'Phantom' Coming To S.F." by Steven Winn
San Crancisco Chronical. Touches on meetings between Hill and Webber, and also on the two productions themselves.

February 1989: "Comic Arias Hit A Discordant Note" by John Peter
The Sunday Times (London). A British article, but about the US San Francisco production of Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera and all the trouble between the Hill and Webber productions. The author seems to be chums with George Perry, author of "The Complete Phantom of the Opera". Interesting to read about such underhand tactics used by the Webber production to undermine the success of the Hill version.

June 1989: "'Original' 'Phantom' Team Flex Their Legal Biceps" by Richard Hummler
Variety. An article explaining the legal situations the producers of the first US Tour of the Ken Hill 'Phantom' entered into in 1989 against local promoters who were allegedly urging theatre-goers to skip the Ken Hill production, and wait for the "real" (i.e. Lloyd Webber) production.

July 1989: "2 'other' 'Phantoms' to play Miami in fall, chasing same audiences"
Variety. The first US Tour of Ken Hill's Phantom overlapped with a tour of another version of the story. This was the Kenley/Noll version, which had booked theatres in around a dozen of the same cities that the Hill production would be going to. This article explains the situation, and talks about each version's promotions.

November 1989: "Other 'Phantom' No Phantasm" by Richard Hummler
Variety. An interesting article recording the huge box office success of the Ken Hill "Phantom of the Opera" tour in the US, just eight weeks into it! With a running cost of about $140,000 a week and grossing an average of $436,000 per week, it did amazingly well, making around $300,000 in profit on average every week with these figures!

April 1992: "A Tale of Two Chandeliers", By Matt Wolf
Best Bets Magazine (Reno Gazette - Journal). An American comparison between the two different productions of a "Phantom" musical: Ken Hill's and Andrew Lloyd Webber's. Includes comments from audience members of the Ken Hill Phantom.

June 1992: "Ken Hill's 'Phantom' loses Supreme Court appeal"
Variety. Just a short article tying up the loose-ends of the legal situation with the Ken Hill 'Phantom' tour, explaining that the producers of the Ken Hill production lost the case of libel against the Boston Globe.

January 1993: Nightmare - Hill's 'Phantom' production at Broadmoor World Arena
BPI Communications. An article about the US Tour's stop at the Broadmoor World Arena in the US and the nightmares that the management and producers went through with the show's audience and their many, many complaints.

July 1998: "The Ken Hill Phantom"
The Phantom Appreciation Society. A good introduction to Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera for people who are new to the show and want to know what it is like.

2000: "Theatrical Phantoms: Ken Hill's The Phantom of the Opera" by Carrie Hernandez
POTO Magazine. The wonderful Carrie Hernandez wrote this article for the POTO Magazine, which she took a major part in the compiling of. Interesting and well thought-out article, and excellent if you want a quick introduction to Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera.

The Paris Opera House
An article about the extensive building of the Paris Opera House, the Opera House itself, and also the role it has played throughout history, through war and commune.

Gaston Leroux - The Creator Of The Phantom Of The Opera
A very short article skimming the life and works of the creator of The Phantom of the Opera, Gaston Leroux.

The Original 1984 Newcastle Playhouse Cast List
Cast list for the Original Cast of Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera (1984)

Legal Battle - Phantom Touring Inc. vs. Affiliated Publications
The famous legal battle between the producers of the first US Tour of Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera (Phantom Touring Inc.) and several newspapers including the Boston Globe. The case went to the US Supreme court but the producers lost. This article details the case.

The 1991 Revival Shaftesbury Theatre Cast List
Cast list for the major 1991 Shaftesbury Theatre, West End (London) production of Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera. The cast included a few actors from the original 1984 cast also.

1992 Japanese Tour Introduction by Ken Hill
This introduction by Ken Hill was written in 1992, especially for the 1st Japanese Tour programmes. The text was also used on other Japanese tours, most recently the 2004 Tokyo production's programme. The text explains the origins of the new song "All Of My Dreams Faded Suddenly", which replaced "Love Has Flown, Never Returning" and is not featured on the official CD, since the new song was not used worldwide in Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera, until a few years later.

Technical Information From The National UK Tour In 2000
A short article from the company who controlled the technical aspect of the 2000/2001 UK Tour of Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera. Just some basic information on how specific lighting effects and similar things were achieved.