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The webmaster would like to thank . . .

Carrie Hernandez for all her overwhelming support and generous supply of articles relating to US and UK runs of Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera

The Scorpion / for his constant support of the website and of the show.

Kevin Gray, Barry Koron, Todd Alan Johnson and Stephen Weller for agreeing to be interviewed about their time with Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera, for this website.

Sal Mistretta for the 1987 St. Louis images and the articles/reviews for that production.

Rik Walton for the 1984 Newcastle images and programme for that production.

Joanna for getting me started with the image gallery and additional help finding more photos!

Christine for help with compiling some of the lyrics to the songs.

Peter Rebernigg, Carol, Torsten Hahn and Anea for their contributions to our Programmes section.

. . . and finally, thank you so much to Ken Hill himself and all the producers, directors, cast members and technical staff who have worked on Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera over the past 30 years and helped make it such a worldwide success!

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