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Updated: 19 January 2008

1. Website

This website is a not-for-profit organisation and exists in a totally unofficial capacity. This website is not endorsed by, or connected with the Ken Hill Estate, Samuel French, Berlin Associates, Theatre Royal Stratford East nor any other other organisation mentioned herein.

2. Aims of the Website

a) To provide an informative source of information and articles on Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera and those people associated with it.
b) To help publicise and promote amateur and professional productions of Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera across the internet.
d) To keep Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera alive and well through the encouragement of new productions, both amateur and professional.
e) To preserve the memory of Ken Hill and his outstanding work for the theatre.

3. Content

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4. Copyright

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5. Referrals and Links

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6. Privacy Policy

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