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Accursed All Base Pursuit Of Earthly Pleasure

Accursed all base pursuit of earthly pleasure!
Accursed be the shackles binding me so cruelly to life,
Accursed ye trinkets that entice me...

(He clasps the scrolls to his chest)

Yet if I grasp them, fail to suffice me...

(He casts them down and snatches up a faded long-stemmed red rose, and sniffs it)

Vain dreams of love, glory and strife...

(He kisses it and casts it aside)

Breeding naught but dark despair...

(He assumes a despairing attitude, then turns to snatch up a huge book)

Accursed be science, faith in God, faith in prayer!
A curse on them all!

(He throws down the book and lifts a blue poison bottle and goblet)

Hear me, Satan!

(He pours the bottle into the goblet in a big sweeping movement that shows it to be empty)

On you I call!

(He holds up the goblet)