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Ah! Do I Hear My Lover's Voice?

(off) Marguerite!

(Christine sits up, and a follow spot picks her out)


Ah! Do I hear my lover's voice?
The dulcet sound from days gone by?

(Faust springs on from L, to strike a manly pose in a follow spot. He has been forced into a doublet many sizes too small, wears a rather striking cod-piece, and along golden locks cascade on his shoulders, surrounding a rouged and powdered face)


Louder than the laugh of the demons,
Delighting in my ruin,
His voice rings out above.

(Moving a little towards her, holding out his hand, but still facing front, his teeth gleaming)

His hand, his hand is here to save me!

(At least, it would be if Faust wasn't so busy playing front that he doesn't notice that she can't reach it)

He approaches!

(She stretches for the hand, and he takes it upon himself to move DL, at this point. She falls off the palliasse)

He has come!

(She manages to get up)

I am free...
Behold my brave incomparable love!

(she moves to him. He strikes a pose, turned away from her, his left hand held high)

Ah! 'tis thou, my dear one,
Thou, 'tis thou, my dear one...

(During this, Faust becomes aware that the ring on his left hand doesn't gleam as it should, and he breathes on it, polishing it on his shirt)

Nor death nor damnation,
Can make my heart afraid...

(He crosses her to R, to strike another pose. She follows to C. It should be noted that although Christine is bewildered that he doesn't appear to be following the directions she was given, she is too inexperienced, the evening too thrilling an affair, for her to think of fighting back)

Now love, we are one,
Darkness overcome!

(Faust wriggles uncomfortably. His tights are creased underneath somewhere, and he has to ease them)

Love and joy abound!
Love and joy abound!

(He clears his throat, tosses his curls, his expression becoming glazed as he counts himself in)

As oft in hope I prayed...

(Coming in incorrectly, Faust strides to C to sing, totally masking Christine who finds herself standing immediately behind him)

Yes, 'tis I, my dear one,
Satan's darts, I fear none...

(Timidly, Christine moves R, and Faust chooses exactly the same time to move R himself, shaking his fist at the demons, masking her again)

A curse on the demons,
Who torment your soul!

(He takes her by the hand, leads her to the palliasse and throws himself down on it)

Safe now that I've found thee...

(pulled to her knees) Safe now.

(pulling her round so that she faces his stomach) My arms will be round thee!

(He drops her, rises, moves back to C, Richard restrains Raoul)

Thy arms...

(She rises, goes to him)

(together) Then we'll go to heaven!

(She gets into his arms, L)

(together) We'll go up to heaven,
My love, come, come, to my arms!

(As they hit their top notes, snap to Black-out)