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All Of My Dreams Faded Suddenly

All Of my dreams faded suddenly,
I felt our love was so sure,
Being so sweet and heavenly,
How could it fail to endure?
But then in one short moment,
I find that I am alone.

(During the following, she wanders L)

My life is over now,
Soon I must go,
Far from the memory,
That haunts me so.
How has it come to pass,
This strange affair?
Whose is the shadow,
That I feel is there?

(A shadow flits across her face and she darts upstage, looking about her. Finding nothing, she wanders back DL, and then over to her father's grave during the following)

Often I feel there is something in the night,
Beating its dark wings above me,
Filled with such envy and cruel spite,
Hating whoever dares love me.

My life is over now,
Love passes by,
Soon I must leave,
I must say goodbye.
Now that it's come to pass,
What can I do?
There is no place for me,
Here without you.
All I have left is a broken vow,
Truly my life is over now...
Over now...
My life is over now!