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Born With A Monstrous Countenance

Born with a monstrous countenance,
No flesh on his face, his skull peeled white.
A freak with the voice of an angel,
Yet when he sang we fled from the sight.

And so he masked himself,
And travelled,
A nightly apparition,
Till dealing death in Persia,
Became his sole ambition.

One day the Sultan seized him,
I fought to save his head,
This kindness so displeased him,
He left me there for dead.

Fifteen years I've tracked him,
And while I could find no trace,
The Phantom was in the Opera house,
Building a secret place.

His private domain of darkness,
Where all who saw him perished,
Close to his world of music,
The singing that he cherished,
Safe but for one thing...

A young girl called Christine Daae,
Sings and creates a pretty stir...

(Raoul moves towards The Persian)

He loses his heart and sees a way,
He can pretend to be her Angel of Music,
Until the day that he posesses her,
Now he posesses her...

(Raoul moves quickly, brokenly, up to the boiler, his back to the action)

The Phantom of the Opera,
Posesses her.