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How Dare She

How dare she!
Alone with a man!
Who is this creature?
This gross wretch,
Who impertinently claims to love her?

(He rages about the room, looking for something to smash, but can only weakly tip over Christine's chair)

My beloved, she is stolen!
And my rage a burning fury!
Tremble, villain!
And so, Christine, we are finished...
Our love is over!
I say it's over...

(He hurls the rose to the floor and goes. The Phantom appears in the mirror, to look around the room, then disappears again. The scene switches to a 'Corridor' scene and Raoul re-enters)

I've been provoked unbearably,
Nothing can quench this fire in me,
I hope he has a thousand lives,
I'll commit as many murders,
Is this how she repays me?
Alas, how she betrays me,
She's all that's foul in womankind!
I must calm myself and cast her out of my life,
Forget her,
Forget her,
Forget her,
How dare she?
How dare she?
How dare she?!