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What Do I See

CHRISTINE (The Voice Of Carlotta):
What do I see?
From whence comes this most wondrous ornate casket?
I scarcely dare touch it...
But why not?

(Carlotta points at the casket)

I see the key to it...

(Carlotta picks the key up)

Dare I unlock it?
My hand trembles...

(Carlotta makes her hand tremble dramatically, looking at it. Unfortunately Christine sings on, ignoring her)

But why?

(Carlotta faces front and mimes "But why?" after Christine has already sung the line)

I'll do no harmful wrong if I only peep inside it.

(Carlotta kneels, shoves in the key, gives it two big twirls, flings open the lid and sways back in astonishment)

What joy!
It's full of wealth!

(Carlotta pulls out a glittering necklace)

Are they real or is this a charming dream?
I feel I'm swooning...
Mine eyes have never seen such a treasure of jewels!

(Carlotta piles several necklaces around her neck, and glances into a hand-mirror)

The joy!
I am now so beautiful to see!
Ah, the joy!
I am now so beautiful to see!
Is it you?
Is it you?
Answer, do,
Answer, do,
Mirror, mirror, tell me quickly...

(This time, the "Ah!" trill ends in the hideous croak of a toad. All those in the boxes react in astonishment. Carlotta tries again, and there is another croak. She makes one final determined effort. This time there are two croaks. Richard quickly leaves his box and Raoul jumps into the pit)