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Scene & Song List

The majority of tracks are only one minute (or less) clips of the full-length versions. To hear the full-length versions, please buy the cast recording.

'The Introduction' (Instrumental/The Phantom) *


Scene One: The Stage And Auditorium Of The Paris Opera House
Under New Management
'Welcome Sir I'm So Delighted' (Debienne, Remy, Faust, Mephistopheles, Richard, Raoul, Jammes)

Scene Two: The Stage And Auditorium
The First Performance
'Accursed All Base Pursuit Of Earthly Pleasure' (Faust)

Scene Three: Outside Christine's Dressing Room
A Mysterious Conversation

Scene Four: Christine's Dressing Room
An Empty Room
'How Dare She' (Raoul)

Scene Five: Richard's Office
A Communication From The Ghost
'Late Last Night I'm In The Cellars' (The Groom)

Scene Six: Outside Richard's Office
An Alternative Explanation

Scene Seven: A Churchyard
The Angel Of Music
'Love Has Gone, Never Returning' / 'All Of My Dreams Faded Suddenly' (Christine)
'While Floating High Above' (The Phantom)

Scene Eight: Outside Carlotta's Dressing Room
A Vocal Problem
'She Says Shes Got The Nodules' (Faust, Carlotta, Richard, Remy, Jammes, Debienne, Christine)

Scene Nine: The Stage And Auditorium
A Farewell Performance
'What Do I See' (Christine as Carlotta)

Scene Ten: A Corridor Near The Stage
The Ghost's Allowance

Scene Eleven: The Roof
The Phantom Of The Opera
'To Pain My Heart Selfishly Dooms Me' (The Phantom, Raoul, Christine)


'The Entr'Acte' (Instrumental)

Scene One: The Stage And Auditorium
A Master Stroke
'Ah! Do I Hear My Lovers Voice?' (Faust, Christine)
'No Sign! I See No Sign!' (Debienne, Richard, Raoul, Remy, Dominique, Faust, Jammes, Madam Giry)

Scene Two: Christine's Dressing Room
The Entrance To The Underworld

Scene Three: The Stage And Auditorium
Box Five

Scene Four: The Lake
'The Lake' (Instrumental)
'Somewhere Above The Sun Shines Bright' (Christine)

Scene Five: The Boiler Room
The Persian's Tale
'Born With A Monstrous Countenance' (The Persian)

Scene Six: The Bottom Cellar
The Punjab Lasso
'In The Shadows, Dim And Dreary' (Raoul)
'A Sharp Whipping' / 'Trapped' (Instrumental)

Scene Seven: An Underground Room
An Illusion In Iron
'What An Awful Way To Perish' (Faust, The Persian, Madam Giry, Richard, Jammes, Raoul)

Scene Eight: The Phantom's Chapel
The Final Drama
'Ne'er Forsake Me, Here Remain' (The Phantom)
'Ne'er Forsake Me, Here Remain (Reprise)' (The Phantom, Christine)
'He Will Not Go Without A Friend' (Company)


'The Play-Out' (Instrumental)

'While Floating High Above (Reprise)' (The Phantom, Christine) *

* Bonus track for cast recording only

Notes: 'Love Has Gone, Never Returning' was replaced by 'All Of My Dreams Faded Suddenly' in 1995. On the cast recording, 'A Sharp Whipping' was later renamed as 'Trapped'.